Column “Researchers without frontiers”

Valentina Polini

INTRO “Researchers without frontiers”

Over 60 countries, 62 to date to be precise. These are all the nationalities present at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, from Saudi Arabia to Angola, Chile, China, passing thorugh Honduras, Pakistan and Switzerland. The movement of research is like a continuous flow of minds travelling high and low, without frontiers around the two hemispheres. This column is created with the aim of representing and tell stories about all these countries, for researchers to have the space to tell us more about themselves, also about their past and experiences. IIT made its cultural diversity one of its towering pillars, this gives IIT internationality and the opportunity of not being bound to purely national models. A factory of ideas where research, technology, business and sport activities coexist beyond cultural and religious diversity.


Many people, many faces, many colours, and each one with the same passport in hand: science and research.


Your origins are a baggage you always bring along and they define you for who you are, rather than for what you can do.

“Researchers without frontiers” is the column that talks about 60 countries that meet in IIT cafeteria tables and equally debate on science, conferences, soccer matches and rock climbing around Italy.