Four new tenure track position available at IIT in Italy


IIT opens four international tenure track positions on different research areas for high ranked scientists in 4 italian cities: Turin, Genoa, Naples and Rome

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is pleased to announce four new tenure-track openings (open rank). IIT seeks dynamic, highly motivated, independent and innovative researchers to join our community of scientists and technologists engaged in cutting-edge research and development. Candidates must be creative thinkers who span traditional scientific boundaries, with the overarching goal of melding science and technology to improve human health, welfare and sustainability.

IIT has state-of-the-art facilities and has rapidly established itself among top research institutes worldwide. IIT has a strongly international character, with more than 40% foreign scientific staff drawn from over 50 countries worldwide.

The new tenure-track scientists will be intellectually and financially independent (i.e., true principal investigators) and will enjoy world-class start-up and operational funding, as well as internationally competitive salaries and benefits. IIT also strongly encourages and assists its scientists in expanding their research scope by obtaining independent external support from national, European and international funding agencies.

Hiring procedures of IIT are based solely on scientific credentials, and our search committees include external members from foreign institutions to provide diverse, independent perspectives. We encourage non-Italians and Italians, both abroad and in Italy, to apply.

Since IIT launched the strategic plan 2015 – 2017, it has been opening every year new international calls for researchers with outstanding track records in different scientific areas. IIT decided to adopt the tenure track procedure on the model of Harvard University. According to this selection model, the recruitment of researchers is to take place through an evaluation that is carried out by panels of external experts.

Once a researcher is selected, s/he has a certain number of years (5 to 10) to prove that s/he is able to manage a high-level research program autonomously in his/her sector. During this period, s/he is fully independent, in charge of his/her collaborators and responsible for his/her research budget.

A Technical Scientific Committee comprised of a dozen scientists coming from institutes of international reputation such as MIT (USA), Weizmann Institute (Israel), Stanford University (USA), Tokyo University (Japan), handles the evaluation procedures in a totally independent manner, availing themselves of over 200 international experts who form the Standing Committee of External Evaluators, SCEE.

These latter evaluate all research activities both upon the recruitment process and during work, in a totally independent manner and by reporting their evaluation results to the Technical Scientific Committee.

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