IIT Graphene labs participated at Composites Europe 2016

Valeria delle Cave

The new IIT-Momodesign helmet displayed at the trade fair in Düsseldorf as example of technology transfer activity of IIT under the umbrella of Graphene Flagship

It is the most recent commercial product of IIT Graphene Labs, coming out of a collaboration with the Italian design company Momodesign: a motorcycle helmet with a graphene coating that allows better distribution of impact force, making the helmet less susceptible to damage even in high temperature conditions.

The helmet was displayed at the Composites Europe 2016 trade fair in Düsseldorf, 29 November – 1 December, under the umbrella of the Graphene Flagship, together with products and prototypes from other European partners: a near-field communication (NFC) antennas (National Research Council, Italy), a graphene additive for resins (Avanzare Innovacion Technologica, Spain), and the first graphene-skinned aircraft “Prospero” (Universities of Manchester, Central Lancashire, and several SMEs, including Haydale Composite Solutions, UK).

For companies looking to explore the potentials of graphene in composites the Graphene Flagship held a “Graphene Connect” during the event. The workshop focused on graphene-based composites and coatings, including lightweight and multi-functional composites for aerospace and automotive industries, offering a platform for networking and collaboration between academia and industry.

The Flagship Graphene, Europe’s biggest ever research initiative, carries out advanced research into the creation of unique and innovative materials by incorporating graphene into composites. There are many potential application areas including the aerospace and automotive industries, energy applications, structural foams, films and coatings.