Be aware, not scared

Be aware, not scared (ep.4)

Sylvia Mondinelli

IIT community discussing the impact of COVID-19 emergency on their life and research

This week, IIT Alumni and researchers touched new and insightful aspects of this incredible period of our lives. 

Luca Giuliani, co- Founder and CTO of Acoesis, a start-up that designed a device meant to be used in crowded or noisy environment, tells us what difficulties they are facing now that our environments are getting quiter and that is no longer possible running group testing.

IIT PhD student and ARAP Fellow @ A*STAR, Serena Marchesi, also joined us talking from Singapore, where the orange alert was issued only one day after she got there and she gives us a unique  prespective on a researcher life in Singapore during what they call the “third wave”.

Finally, Arianna Pezzuolo, Administration Manager in the Director’s Office at the Gurdon Institute, part of the University of Cambridge, closed the circle of our guests this week, giving us specific insights on how the University of Cambrdige is dealing with the quarantine and looking ahead with positivity, trying to focus on reaping whatever this moment can teach us.

Marco Monga, IIT Hr Director moderates the call and Sylvia Mondinelli, IIT Alumni Relations Administrator, introduces and closes the session.