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Science in Video: Francesca Santoro

Bioelectronics and Microchips in the Human Body, e-learning and cultural insights at the time of Covid-19

The researcher Francesca Santoro, coordinator of the Tissue Electronics research line of the IIT centre in Naples, will talk about how it is possible to interface the human body with electronic devices such as microchips. The group coordinated by Francesca Santoro works on the basic development of biomaterials that exploit electric fields to interact with cells, both with those that intrinsically have their own electrical activity, for example those of the heart, and those that do not have any intrinsic electrical activity, like skin cells. In the latter case it has been verified that the application of an external electric field can activate processes at a cellular level in such a way as to modify some functions such as the rate of tissue regeneration, so that wounds and burns heal faster.