Alessandro Chiolerio awarded by the journal Microelectronic Engineering


The journal Microelectronic Engineering selected Alessandro Chiolerio, IIT researcher, among the finalists of the Young Investigator Award and Lectureship 2016.

chiolerio IIT

On the 20 July the journal Microelectronic Engineering (μEE) announced the 5 finalists of the Young Investigator Award and Lectureship 2016. Every year the journal awards the young scientist who stands out for his activity in the field of nanotechnologies for electronics with the objective of designing devices for energy production, biomedicine and environmental sciences.

Among the 5 young researchers there is also Alessandro Chiolerio, IIT researcher at the Center for Sustainable Futures (CSF) in Turin. Since 2014, Chiolerio activity focused on neuromorphic devices, biocomptible electronic systems  which mimic the functioning of neurons. Recently Alessandro and his collaborators showed that enriching a monomeric liquid, an acrylate, with zinc oxyde nanoparticles, the compound exhibits interesting electronic properties. This is a first step towards the development of liquid phase electronics. 

“Being selected as a finalist of the young researcher award by μEE is a great acknowledgment. The journal is very popular among those who work in microelectronics, and this award shows that the community is gradually moving away from the traditional devices based on silicon and realised through subtractive photolitography”. In 2011 Chiolerio and his group devised an innovative process to print silver nanoparticles circuits on a plastic substrate. “μEE is gradually becoming more sensitive to these fabrications, based on additive processes and plastic substrates, which allow to reduce the consumption of energies and resources and print on flexible materials. In the future these devices could be integrated in biological tissues and also in the artificial skin of robots.”


Further readings

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Microelectronic Engineering 88, 2011, 2481–2483, Inkjet printing and low power laser an- nealing of silver nanoparticle traces for the realization of low resistivity lines for flexible electronics. Authors: A. Chiolerio, G. Maccioni, P. Martino, M. Cotto, P. Pandolfi, P. Rivolo, S. Ferrero, L. Scaltrito.