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An artificial skin for pharmacological and cosmetics testing

Researcher of the CABHC-IIT in Naples published on Biomaterials a study on the first human skin equivalent in vitro. It will represent a new standard for cosmetics and pharmacological testing.

Researcher of Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare di Napoli (CABHC-IIT) in collaborazione con l’Università degli studi Napoli Federico II (DICMAPI, CRIB) engineered the first human skin equivalent in vitro able to replicate structure, properties and functions of its native counterpart.

This model will contribute to the research, screening and development of pharmaceutics and cosmetics serving as a viable alternative to animal testing in a large variety of applications.

Furthermore the IIT researchers in Naples set up a start-up project called Smart Tissue focusing on the production of artificial skin and offering high-tech and low cost testing solutions for cosmetic and pharmaceutical research  

The paper, published on the International Peer Reviewed Scientific Journal Biomaterials, is here available in a video presentation. The researchers involved in this study are: Paolo Netti, Costantino Casale, Giorgia Imparato, Francesco Urciuolo.

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