Claudio Rossetti

A year with IIT OpenTalk

The year that will come to an end in a few days has delivered us one of the least edifying dimensions of human relations in our times. The use of weapons to resolve conflicts between nations, ethnic and religious groups has always been present, but never since 1945 has an armed conflict been so close to us, to the old Europe that was perhaps enjoying the illusion of an apparent pacification between peoples. Wars, abuse of power and injustice are crossing the globe like a swarm of earth tremors. We are living in worrying times hallmarked by anxiety, and the media providing us with information on these events cannot but reflect a negative climate that induces pessimism. A glimmer of positivity and hope can be found by reading, with a sense of relief, texts that describe the finest face of humanity, demonstrating its ingenuity by means of the practical results of its intuitions that generate innovative ferment, new opportunities, and progress.

Every day, writing for IIT OpenTalk about the work of our colleagues who devote their activities to the various branches of research, we have enjoyed a privilege that has taken us into the world of those who have a positive vision of the future. The fundamental thought processes of scientists, who work with tenacious perseverance on their ideas, are sustained by an irrepressible optimism and enthusiasm that circumvents the inevitable disappointments. Gathering interviews, publishing scientific accounts, reporting on the successes achieved in the form of awards and funding, goes further than just news, and has the value of proudly supporting the meaning of the work envisioned at IIT, a resource that represents the country’s technological and scientific future, together with the commitment of other research organisations. We will continue to write in order to inform our readers about the research, achievements, and results of technology transfer that make the activities at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) so unique.

Thank you to all those who have worked with IIT OpenTalk during 2022, and all best wishes for a new year brimming with personal and professional fulfilment.