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OPEN DAY: IIT opens the doors of its laboratories for its twentieth anniversary

Registrations are now open on the website

On Wednesday, December 20, science enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit the Genoa centers of the Italian Institute of Technology, open to the public for its 20th-anniversary Open Day. To ensure entry, simply register on the website by December 1, or until full capacity.

The initiative, for the first time open at all citizens, aims to concretely bring the inhabitants of the Ligurian territory and beyond closer to the places where an international community of approximately 1000 young people from over 60 countries engages in Italian research every day, developing technologies that aim to improve our lives.

“In the numerous scientific outreach events I participate in, I am certain that Technology and Science are topics that truly interest people. However, I also feel that scientific research and the world around it are still perceived as very distant and often unapproachable. Through IIT’s public Open Day, we want to show the places and faces of those who contribute to scientific research in Italy, trying to break down that distance and mistrust,” declares Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director of the Italian Institute of Technology.

Bioplastics derived from fruit and vegetable waste, the iCub robot, AlterEgo, the quadruped HyQ Real, the new humanoid ErgoCub, the Planotoid, the R1 robot, the supercomputer Franklin, optical microscopes for studying oncological and neurodegenerative diseases, are just some of the technologies that the research teams will showcase to visitors.

Participants will be divided into groups, and the tours will cover all three centers: the Center for Convergent Technologies – CCT in Genova Morego, the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems – CRIS in via San Quirico, and the Center for Human Technologies – CHT in Erzelli.

Shuttles will be provided from the BRIN subway station parking lot to reach CCT and CRIS for the occasion.



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