Jean-Paul Laumond on 20th December passed away in Paris


He was one of the leading international roboticist

Giorgio Metta together with the roboticists community and all the IIT researchers and staff, joins the condolences for the passing of Jean-Paul, a scientist who has contributed significantly to the knowledge and cultural growth of robotics internationally.

Prof. Giulio Sandini Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator in Robotics Brain and Cognitive Sciences in IIT adds to our condolence message his personal memory of Jean-Paul Laumond:

Jean-Paul was a special human being and an excellent scientist. Never “above the lines” and always striving to link the engineering/mathematical view of robotics research with that of other communities. Jean-Paul recent work on the ambiguity of words used in science communication is of paramount importance at this historic moment in the evolution of  robotics research when we are starting to promise robots for personal use. “As experts in robotics, being aware of our own spontaneous conception of rhetoric and related epistemic notions (knowledge, beliefs, intuition, and so on) stands out as a prerequisite to engage in any debates or ethics discussions about the impact of robotics in society”. When it comes to robotics and artificial intelligence, you have to think about who is listening. Grazie Jean-Paul!

In agreement with Giulio Sandini, Lorenzo Natale, Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator in Humanoid Sensing and Perception in IIT, also wants to join to commemorate Jean-Paul Laumond, “a great loss for the robotics community and in particular the humanoid robotics community.